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Lay Canossians

Lay Canossians live the spirituality of the day-to-day ordinary life, having Jesus Crucified as the foundation and loving the poor and the little ones. They live as instruments of peace, of unity and of hope in the family, in the world of work, in society and in the local church.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Lay Canossians, please contact Dorothy Corgiat

San Francisco – Holy Name Parish Lay Canossians

Pictured above are the Lay Canossians from Holy Name Parish in San Francisco with Sr. Catherine Cappello, Animator of the Lay Canossians (center), before the recent Homebound Mass and Luncheon sponsored by the group.

The San Francisco Lay Canossians are very involved in their parish helping in various ways. The recent Homebound Mass and Luncheon was held at the parish for those who are homebound and the gathering provided a nice outing for them to visit and enjoy delicious food provided by the Lay Canossians!

Thank you Lay Canossians for all the good work you do.

One person can make a difference in making Jesus known – Around the world, the Canossian Sisters and Lay Volunteers make a difference by spreading Christ’s Word and Love through VOICA – Canossian International Voluntary Service.


VOICA LogoVOICA - What is it?
The Canossian International Voluntary Service, is a prophetic expression of the charism of St. Magdalene of Canossa that seeks to involve the laity – men and women, young and adult, from all parts of the world, in the Universal Church’s great mission of human promotion and evangelization, forming their hearts so that they can live in solidarity with members of their own community, serving the poor...in “gratuitous Love.”

There are four pillars of VOICA: Spirituality, Formation, Community and Service.

VOICA offers both a month of summer immersion in a mission project, as well as the possibility of long-term international volunteer service. “Adopt a Volunteer” supports volunteers that commit to at least one year of service in mission. There are currently 17 long-term VOICA volunteers working in Tanzania, Togo, Malawi, Egypt and East Timor. With your contribution, you can participate in mission with the volunteers even if you can’t be at the mission yourself.

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